Who We Are

A Note From the Founder, Ray Medina:

Immediately after purchasing my Harley, I wanted everyone to know I was a member of the Knights of Columbus, so I made a metal plate with a KC decal and affixed it to my motorcycle.  Since then, brother Knights appreciated the uniqueness of it and have done the same.  So, without realizing it, the Knights on Bikes were launched.  Officially, in April 2005, we created the “Knights on Bikes”, which are all members of the Knights of Columbus, and opened to any member of the KC organization.

The Knights on Bikes fraternal members, which includes all makes, models and sizes of motorcycles; enjoy recreational riding.  These members are dedicated to improving the biker’s image, promoting safety, and Christian values.

Rewards of Knights on Bikes:

If you are wondering what makes Knights on Bikes so special, the following are just a few of our objectives:

  • Raising money for the less fortunate (“Fill the Helmet” fund, Benefit dance, Bike show, blood drives, etc.).
  • Riding in parades, visiting nursing homes, and reaching out to helping those in most need.
  • Endeavor to formulate rallies and parades.

The Knights on Bikes:

  • Enjoy camaraderie with different brothers of all councils, spreading the faith and word of the lord.
  • Have members in the United States and Canada.
  • Are able to visit brother Knights in other councils, cities, states, and being regarded as one of the family.
  • Men of character and conviction who are driven by faith and conscience to do truly meaningful works.
  • Family oriented organization that rides safely while having fun.

Who qualifies?

  • A member of any Knights of Columbus council through out the world.
  • Must own a motorcycle (of any kind) or anticipate owning a bike within 6 months.

Ready to JOIN?  Click HERE!