Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is KonB a motorcycle gang:

No. Knights on Bikes will never be considered a Motorcycle “Club,” “Association,” or gang!   The Knights-on-Bikes (KonBs) are made up solely KofC members who ride together, & do the work of the 4 Principles of the Knights of Columbus (CHARITY, UNITY, FRATERNITY & PATRIOTISM), using their Motorcycles. The Knights-on-Bikes (KonBs) organization is the Motorcycle Ministry arm (or auxilary) of the Knights of Columbus (KofC).  We are members in good standing of the Knights of Columbus who ride & wish to use our motorcycles in Gods Service.   Note: the Knights-on-Bikes cannot join the “Coalition of Clubs” (COC)

  1. Do I have to have a motorcycle and why should I join?

Yes!  You must own a motorcycle of any type and capable of interstate travel.  Some of the rewards are enjoying the camaraderie with fellow brothers, spreading the word and faith of the Lord.  KonB is a means of Strengthening bonds and forming new ones with the KofC brotherhood.  By joining Knights on Bikes, you also break the negative stigma that sometimes comes with being a biker or motorcycle enthusiast.

  1. Who qualifies and what does the KonB do?

Any member of the Knights of Columbus Council worldwide can become join Knights on Bikes.  Some of the services we provide are Annual escorting, Community and fundraising rides, and we are at the service of the Bishops, Priests, Catholic Parishes and any Knight through charitable work and leadership.  Our Mission Statement is to promote the spiritual needs of the Knights of Columbus and to strive to encourage faith, fellowship and service.  In God we Trust and Ride.

  1. Is there KonB Attire?

Yes!  There are guidelines for KonB attire, but it is OPTIONAL.  The A-1 KonB Colors Vest is the regulation and one of the few regulations strictly adhered to from National Headquarters on how patches are to be placed.  Wives can also have their own KonB vest, but it is slightly different than member vests.  Formal Attire for parades and public events is also available.  Click HERE to order your vest and patches.

  1. How do I sign up?

CLICK HERE to complete our online Membership Form.